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DAS Universal Adapter Kit, Low PIM Universal Adapter Kit, Test Port Saver & Upcoming Tradeshows
Make any Adapter in Seconds with Unidapt™ Universal Adapter Kits
4.3-10 adapter kits
DAS Unidapt™ Kit
The RFA-4024-DAS contains everything needed to build as many as six adapters at one time using over one hundred different combinations of 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN, QMA, 7-16 DIN, N, SMA and reverse polarity SMA and TNC interfaces for DAS site service.
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4.3-10 directional couplers
Unidapt™ Kit with 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN & QMA

Many DAS applications require low PIM performance and this applies to adapters joining devices to low PIM jumpers. The new eighteen piece RFA-4024-LP1 kit contains six universal centers and two each of low PIM male and female QMA, 4.1/9.5 and 4.3/10 Unidapt adapters. Expansion slots in the kit will accommodate new adapters as they are released.

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The Unidapt™ Universal Adapter System
ComPro Compression Connectors

RF technicians have been using the Unidapt Universal Adapter System for decades to shorten site service times. Originally developed by RF Industries, this system enables the user to create more than a hundred adapter variations by joining various components to the universal centers. As RF coax applications and requirements evolve, new components have been added to the system. Newer kits contain and adapters are available, with 4.1/3.0, 4.3/10, QMA and Low PIM interfaces.

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Low Profile 7-16 DIN “Test Port Saver” reduces wear and tear on Expensive PIM Test Equipment
P2RFD-1660-TPS Test Port Saver

The 7-16 DIN connector interface is used as a test port on PIM test equipment. Accurate measurements depend on a clean and undamaged connector interface. Even with proper care, the 7-16 DIN test port connector will wear and measurements degrade after multiple connections. Appling torque to the connection, as recommended for proper PIM measurements accelerates the wear. Replacing a worn or damaged test port connector requires service at a factory or repair depot, resulting in a long and costly equipment absence. A low cost alternative is to install a “test port saver” also known as a “connector saver”. A test port saver is a sacrificial RF adapter that attaches to the connector on the equipment.

RF Industries manufactures a 7-16 DIN test port saver, model P2RFD-1660-TPS. The test port saver is only 1.12inches in length, reducing the protrusion from the equipment. The adapter body is manufactured of machined brass with durable, tarnish free tri-metal (white bronze) plating. The contacts are silver plated with PTFE dielectric. The operating frequency range is 0-7.5Ghz with low PIM performance of less than 170dBc 3rd order IM @ 1,900MHz.

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Upcoming Tradeshows
DASpedia North Eastern Fiber Optic Conference
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Sept. 12th - 13th
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NEDAS DC Symposium
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Oct. 26th
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