Inside RF Industries 2016 Issue 3
Expanded line of Splitters, Couplers and Loads for Public Safety DAS, Low PIM Jumper Cables for Outdoor DAS, Field Installable Harsh Environment Coax Connectors Meet IP68, OptiFlex Hybrid Connector System & Low PIM QMA Adapters
Expanded line of Splitters, Couplers and Loads for Public Safety and Enterprise DAS Applications
Power Splitter, Directional Coupler, Termination Load and Fire Fighter

RF Industries offers an expanded line of 380-2700 Mhz and 698-2700 Mhz passive components for Public Safety and Enterprise Distributed Antenna Systems. New environmentally durable models are IP67 rated for use in high humidity, dust and dirt environments.

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Low PIM Low Cost Jumper Cables for Outdoor DAS Applications
Jumper Cable Assembly

For outdoor applications where costly plenum rated cable is not required, RF Industries offers jumper cables using Times Microwave SPO™-250 cable. Jumpers are available in 1 and 2 meter standard or custom lengths terminated with N, 4.3-10, 4.1-9.5, 7-16 and QMA connectors. The cable is super flexible with corrugated copper outer conductor providing greater than 100dB shielding.

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Field Installable Harsh Environment Coax Connectors Meet IP68
CompPro Compression Connectors, Tool and Low Price

The Comp Pro® Compression connectors from RF Industries meet IP68 rating for immersion performance without external weather seal. The patented compression technology offers revolutionary advantages for a water-tight connection and easier installation on braided coax cable. The 360 degree compression seals out moisture, dust and air, preventing water ingress.

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OptiFlex™ Hybrid Connector System Reduces Installation Time and Errors While Improving System Reliability
OptiFlex Hybrid Connectors Fiber Optic and Power

The OptiFlex™ Hybrid Connector System (OHCS) provides a quick and reliable installation or retrofit of a hybrid cable. The OHCS combines multiple fiber optic and power connections into a single connection. Traditional hybrid cable installations feature a breakout with separate power and fiber connections.

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Low PIM QMA Adapters
Low PIM QMA Adapters

RF Industries DAS product line now includes RQA-5478, QMA to N, and RQA-5405-LP, QMA to SMA adapters. Both adapters operate up to 6 Ghz with PIM performance of less than -155dBc IM3 using 2 tones at 20 watts.

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Upcoming Trade Shows
Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association's Toronto Symposium
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October 25
Toronto, Canada
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Canadian Wireless Tradeshow
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October 26-27
Toronto, Canada
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CPRA/APCO 2016 Annual Vendor Expo
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October 27
Montebello, California
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November 9
Anaheim, California
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Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association
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November 29
Washington D.C.
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