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Comp Pro® Compression Connectors, Cable Assemblies for LMR®-400 and LMR®-600, DAS & Wireless Infrastructure Product Catalog,
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Install Confidence - Every Time & Every Where
Comp Pro® Compression Connectors for Critical Communication
4.3-10 connector cable assembly
4.3-10 connector cable assembly
4.3-10 connector cable assembly
  • - Foolproof Field Installation
  • - One Minute Install
  • - Rugged Construction
  • - Pull Strength > 200lb
  • - Waterproof Design - IP68 Rated
  • - Patented Compression Technology
  • - 7-16 DIN, N and TNC Interfaces
  • - LMR®-400 & Equivalent Braided Cables
  • - Now Available for LMR®-600 Cable
Ruggedized and Resistant Comp Pro® Cable Assemblies
We Can Build Them for You!
ComPro Compression Connectors

  • - Ideal for harsh environment assemblies
  • - Compression connectors for LMR®-400 and LMR®-600 cable
  • - IP68 rated to 12 inches immersion
  • - Plenum and fire retardant versions available
  • - Operating temperature: -67°F to + 185°F / -55°C to + 85°C

Product Releases for Comp Pro® Connectors
Comp Pro® N Connector for LMR®-600 Reduces Field Installation Mistakes

The Comp Pro® Product Line utilizes a patented compression technology that offers revolutionary advantages for a water-tight connection, easier installation, and improved system reliability on braided cables...

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Coax Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environments

The top failure modes of coax cable assemblies in the field are caused by loose connectors or moisture entering the connector, resulting in damage to the cable and reduced system performance...

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New Reduced Prices on Select Comp Pro® Products!
N Male for LMR®-400 cable
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7-16 DIN Male for LMR®-400 cable
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N Male Right Angle for LMR®-400 cable
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LMR®-400 Cable Assembly
7-16 DIN, N Male, N Female
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LMR®-600 Cable Assembly
N Male
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Every tool to install "N"Comp Pro®
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Other Interfaces Available
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New Updates! DAS & Wireless Infrastructure Product Catalog
RF Industries Overview
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Upcoming Trade Shows
Safer Buildings Coalition Member Event
June 21st & 22nd
Ft. Worth, Texas
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DASpedia Southwest In-Building Wireless Technology Seminar
June 22nd
Ft. Worth, Texas
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NEDAS Workshops & Social
July 13th
Boston, Massachusetts
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