Inside RF Industries 2016 Issue 1 -
Inside RF Industries 2016 Issue 1
The 4.3-10 Connector System, Adapters, Cable Assemblies, Kits, Directional Couplers, Power Splitters, DAS & Wireless Infrastructure Product Catalog, & Upcoming Tradeshows
The 4.3-10 Connector Family
4.3-10 Cable Assemblies, Adapters, Adapter Kits, Directional Couplers and Power Splitters
New Low PIM 4.3-10 Adapters
ComPro Compression Connectors

10 models of inner-series and between-series low PIM adapters with the 4.3-10 interface are available. 2 inner-series adapters and 10 between-series from 4.3-10 to N and 7-16 DIN. All adapters are manufactured with machined brass bodies plated with durable tri-metal (white bronze) finish. PIM performance is less than -160 dBc @ 1900 MHz 3rd order IM.

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4.3-10 Cable Assemblies
4.3-10 connector cable assembly

Low PIM and Plenum rated low PIM jumpers with 4.3-10 connectors. Assemblies are manufactured using low loss flexible Times Microwave SPP-250-LLPL™, TFT-402-LF™, or SPO-250™ cables. Available in standard and custom lengths. Other connector terminations include N, 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN, 7-16 DIN, SMA, QN and QMA.

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4.3-10 Adapter Kits
4.3-10 power splitters

Combines the most popular adapters in a protective foam lined case for convenient use. Kits are available in 2 versions, 7 adapters each with combinations of inner-series and between-series adapters.

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4.3-10 Directional Couplers
4.3-10 adapter kits
6 models of low PIM couplers with 4.3-10 connectors are available. Coupling values are 4.8, 6, 8, 10, 13 and 15 dB cover the carrier bands of 698-2700Mhz and public safety/carrier bands of 380-2700Mhz. PIM performance is less than -155dBc 3rd order IM.
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4.3-10 Power Splitters
4.3-10 directional couplers

6 models of low PIM splitters with 4.3-10 connectors are available. 2, 3 and 4 way splitters cover the carrier bands of 698-2700Mhz and public safety/carrier bands of 380-2700Mhz. PIM performance is less than -155dBc 3rd order IM.

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The 4.3-10 Connector System

The most effective new design element in network, DAS and cellular infrastructures is the 4.3-10 connector interface. This new system was designed specifically for mobile communications applications delivers optimal performance and improved network capacity while increasing RF density. More spectrums can be supported without increasing infrastructure footprint. The weight is 60% lower using 40% less space than 7-16 DIN connectors in the same applications. PIM performance is superior to that of 7-16 DIN and 4.1-9.5 interfaces. Even better, return loss and PIM performance is independent of torque applied and cable can be flexed with little detrimental effect. The 4.3-10 connector system is IP68 rated and will support up to 500 Watts at 2 GHz and meets IEC standard 61169-54.

In base stations the 4.3-10 is increasingly the interface of choice in remote radio heads, jumpers and antennas. Where RF signals must be terminated, combined or split in multiband, multi operator DAS applications 4.3-10 meets exacting electrical and RF performance.

Available from RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries.

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New DAS & Wireless Infrastructure Product Catalog
RF Industries Overview
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Upcoming Trade Shows
Talley Symposium
May 19th
Carlstadt, New Jersey
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Anixter Live Data Center Technology Workshop
May 19th
Dallas, Texas
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Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association’s 2016 Boston Workshops & Social
July 13th
Boston, Massachusetts
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