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Comp Pro® Compression Connectors
Install Confidence. Every Time & Every Where.

The Comp Pro® Product Line utilizes a patented compression technology that offers revolutionary advantages for a water-tight connection, easier installation, and improved system reliability on braided cable

ComPro Compression Connectors
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coax cable assembiles for harsh enviornments
Coax Cable Assemblies for Harsh Environments
The top failure modes of coax cable assemblies in the field are caused by loose connectors or moisture entering the connector, resulting in damage to the cable and reduced system performance.
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low PIM adapters
New Low PIM 4.3-10 Adapters
The most effective new component in network, DAS and cellular infrastructures is the 4.3-10 connector interface, designed specifically for mobile communications applications. With superior PIM performance, yet up to 60% lighter and 40% smaller than 7-16 DIN connectors, the 4.3-10 also delivers better PIM and return loss performance than 4.1-9.5 connectors of similar size.
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medical cables
Basics of Medical Cable Design White Paper
The complexity of today’s medical device market is more diverse than ever. Conditions such as multiple unlicensed spectrum environments, green initiatives, low-power devices, HIPAA, and unique operational atmospheres create a confusing design environment.

This article addresses the common metrics medical equipment designers face when looking for the perfect cable solution.

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flexible cable assembly alternative
Flexible Cable Assembly Alternative to ½ Inch Corrugated
For most wireless network installations, ½ inch corrugated cable assemblies are used for short antenna feeder runs. Times Microwave LMR®-600 braided cables offers similar attenuation with improved flexibility, resistance to kinking and lower cost. RF Industries manufactures cable assemblies using LMR®-600, terminated with 7-16 DIN connectors.
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RF Industries Overview
RF Industries Overview
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Upcoming Trade Show
RF Industries will be at DASpedia in Orange County, Southern California on Jan 11, 2016 at the University of California, Irvine. DASpedia is hosting a regional networking event, including wireless (DAS) training seminars. Be sure to visit Manny at the RF Industries booth.
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