Value Added Services

building rf coax cable assemblies

Whether your project is one piece, ten pieces, ten thousand pieces, or grows through all of those stages, it can be manufactured at one of our production facilities. Application-specific design assistance and materials scheduling is available. We can also assist you with materials procurement for your assemblies and auxiliary components so that "safety stock" is always available for long-term production items.

Cable Cutting and Stripping

In addition to quality custom cable assemblies, we provide cable and wire, cut and stripped to your specifications. We can work with customer-supplied material or furnish processed cable directly (minimums may apply). We will cut and strip lengths from 2 inches to 3,280 feet of most cable up to .410 inch in jacket diameter. Whether you are using RG-178/U or RG-8/U, we will process it quickly and accurately.

The cable center conductor size range for automated cutting and stripping is up to 4 AWG for most stranded center conductor cables and 10 AWG for solid copper center conductor cables. This encompasses the majority of coaxial cables now on the market.

Whether you require a simple single step strip or more than nine steps to meet your specifications, we will deliver precision stripping of one or both ends of your cable. Our digital equipment ensures that every cutting operation is consistent and accurate with a tolerance of ± .015 inches [.381mm], whether we deliver fifty or fifty thousand pieces.

Standard and Custom Assemblies

We will build custom assemblies to fit your specific needs:

  • Any connector
  • To any of our quality cable or cable of your choice
  • To any length

Standard cable assemblies can be requested with the RF Cable Configurator

Development Assistance

RF Cable Assembly technicians have extensive cable assembly experience and our engineering staff has strong application knowledge. Our production facility does much more than build cables for our standard product line and OEM customers. Our experienced technicians also do Specialized Testing and Validation, Kitting, Material Trace-ability (lot control and certs), Scheduled Releases, Private Labeling, Product Marking, Packaging, and Cable Prep.


Pre-kitted shipments of assemblies and components can save you both time and money. As a value-added service we will build and package kitted items to your specification, providing all components, using customer supplied items, or any combination thereof. For field installations, kits can be provided with a combination of completed assemblies, cut and stripped cable and connectors ready for assembly.

RF Testing

Our Quality Department offers a variety of tests for connectors and cable assemblies as value-added services. Please contact us with your testing specifications and we will provide a quotation for services.

More Information on RF Testing

View your PIM Test results with PIM Tracker™

Electrical Testing

All assemblies are 100% tested electrically for continuity as standard procedure. For a nominal additional charge, measurements such as VSWR and Insertion Loss can be performed on 75 ohm BNC and F and 50 ohm BNC, N, SMA, TNC, 1.0-2.3, 3.5 and 7-16 DIN connector, adapter, attenuator, termination load and cable assembly interfaces. The testing range is 50 MHz to 40 GHz. Chart data is supplied for each test.

Hi-Pot Testing

Hi-Pot testing to 2,500 volts per MIL-STD-202 M301 requirements is available for connectors, adapters and cable assemblies.

Pull/Tensile Testing

Coaxial cable assemblies can be pull tested to 150 pounds. This is a destructive test and the cost of the test will include the cost of the destroyed cable assembly.

Center Contact Retention Testing

Connectors can be tested for center contact retention per MIL-PRF-39012.

Source Inspection Surcharge

A surcharge is placed upon all orders requiring source inspection (pending purchase order review). Inspection documents will be shipped with your order unless otherwise specified.

Private Labeling

State-of-the-art equipment provides private labeling and custom marking with bar codes, logos, company name, part numbers, or anything the customer requests. This is done in a variety of colors for quick identification. In addition, shrink tubing or wire rap around markers can also be applied.

These cable assemblies serve the aerospace, military, automotive and commercial market places from first article to production quantities. Their minimum order is one piece.


Our calibration system is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. Our Quality Assurance and Inspection system is in accordance with MIL-I-45208 and follows ISO-9000 guidelines.

Scheduled Orders

So that you can take advantage of J-I-T- inventory management, we can schedule delivery of connectors, cable assemblies or kits to minimize your inventory holding times and warehousing space. Whenever possible, safety stock is maintained at our facility so we can respond quickly should you need to call your orders forward.