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Crimp vs. Solder vs. Compression: Pros & Cons

What is the best way to attach an RF coax connector to a cable? Find the answers in our white paper “Crimp vs. Solder vs. Compression: Pros & Cons”

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Bulletproofing the Critical Connection

Minimizing human error when it comes to connector installation saves time, money and headaches. And understanding of the metrics of connectors and how to make foolproof connections is a must for any field installation.

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Choosing the Right RF Cable Assembly

Choosing the right coaxial cable assembly is not a trivial task, but it is one that can be made somewhat easier by better knowing what to look for in a high-frequency or high-speed coaxial cable assembly.

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Optimize Your RF/MW Coaxial Connections

Whether designing or simply maintaining electronic devices and systems, understanding the role of the RF/microwave connector can help to boost both performance and reliability.

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Intermodulation Distortion in RF Connectors

Intermodulation distortion occurs when two or more signals occupy the same transmission paths as in full duplex systems.

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Why White Bronze Plating?

White Bronze plating for RF connectors offers many advantages over Nickel or Silver plated connectors.

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Improving Measurement Accuracy for High Frequency RF Connectors

Improving the accuracy of your microwave test and measurement equipment becomes increasingly important when high frequency devices are used in the transmission paths of radio, cellular, satellite and digital communications.

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Insertion Phase Errors in Long Lengths of Coaxial Cable Assemblies

If you have ever tried to measure a long length of cable, you may have noticed the insertion loss (S21,S12) display showing an abrupt change at some frequency in the negative direction or scale

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WiFi Interface Identifier

What are the input and output connectors used with WiFi certified products which include: access points, gateways, residential gateways, PC cards, PCI cards, PCMCIA cards, UB devices, wireless print servers, WLAN enabled computers, PC peripherals, antennas, LANs and Internet access devices?

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PIM and RF Connectors

Intermod and connectors: Silver plate beats nickel. When connectors made entirely of non-ferromagnetic materials are used, they do not have to become the weak link in a communications system, causing harmful and hard-to-find intermod interference.

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