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How RF Industries is Building 5G Wireless Networks

Rollout of services and devices are anticipated to begin in 2019 and continue for several years. This article will touch on how RF Industries is participating in creating 5G...

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Wireless Service Provider Reduces Cable Footprint and Installation Times

When a major U.S. Wireless service provider needed to upgrade their network they looked to RF Industries to design and engineer a solution that would not only reduce wind loads and the cable footprint on the tower but would also reduce the installation time for their field technicians...

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Technical Note: Fiber Optic Cable Types – Multimode and Single Mode

Fiber Optic connectors and cables are present in nearly every communications project that we might sell into, be it a DAS installation or a Base Station with wireless backhaul, you can be certain that fiber jumpers and cabling are being used somewhere in that network. Having a general understanding of fiber optics and the different fiber and connector types that are available will allow you to have a more productive conversation with your customer...

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RF Connectors for DAS

Throughout any Distributed Antenna System (DAS) there are a variety of RF connectors used to join the cabling to the component interface. While many of the common connector types will work in a DAS environment, some are better suited than others when it comes to reducing interference...

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GLA Agricultural Electronics Animal Health Thermometer

When GLA Agricultural Electronics set out to redesign their industry leading animal thermometer they knew a high quality probe lead would be needed and they turned to RF Industries for some help...

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Comp Pro® RF Connectors for Harsh Environments

For many Class 1 Railroads, compliance with the Government’s Positive Train Control (PTC) Enforcement and Implementation Act has become quite an undertaking. One of the biggest challenges facing the Railroads is the ability to communicate with trains in Dark Territory...

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RF Cable Configurator Simplifies the Process to Identify an RF Coax Assembly

With over 500,000 possible combinations of RF coax cables, connectors and lengths, identifying the RF Coax assembly you need can be difficult and time consuming. RF Industries has simplified the process with an on-line application called the RF Cable Configurator...

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Technicians use Unidapt™ Universal Adapter Kits as RF Connection Solutions

Case Study: RF Connector Adapters make new installations, field engineering and bench tests easier. From Wi-Fi hot spots to remote radio repeater sites, adapters speed technical work and eliminate costly multiple visits...

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