RF Coax Connectors

RF Coax Connectors

RF Connectors division of RF Industries designs and manufactures an extensive line of coax connectors instrumental to the operation of electronic devices and systems in wireless telecommunications applications including DAS, WiFi, PCS, radio, cellular, computer networks, test instruments, medical telemetry, military and antenna devices.

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RF Coax Connectors—designs and manufactures an extensive line of radio frequency (RF) coaxial connectors used in wireless telecommunications applications, including WiFi, PCS, radio, computer networks, test instruments and antenna devices. RF Connectors / RF Cable Assembly
Comp Pro® Compression Connectors for Braided Cables—The Comp Pro Product Line utilizes a patented compression technology that offers revolutionary advantages for a water-tight connection, easier installation, and improved system reliability on braided cables. RF Connectors / RF Cable Assembly
RF Connectors—for Times Microwave LMR® or Equivalent Cables
RF Connectors / RF Cable Assembly
Tools—preparation and installation tools; crimp tools, kits, cutters, strippers, pliers and more RF Connectors / RF Cable Assembly
Assembly/Test Kits—test and measurement kits. All coaxial interface Cat 5, Coaxial and Unidapt testers, also available RF Sampler RF Connectors / RF Cable Assembly
Attenuators—both in-line and toggle switch attenuator styles RF Connectors / RF Cable Assembly
Accessories—RF Sampler, Banana plug, Binding post, Watt meter, strain relief and more RF Connectors / RF Cable Assembly
Precision and Test Grade Products RFP2—precision-grade high frequency connectors and adapter for OEM, military and metrology lab application RF Connectors / RF Cable Assembly



RF Connectors and RF Cable Assembly

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Supporting Documents

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