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Factory terminated fiber by Corning Gold certified technicians maximizes system performance. Configured to your site requirements

Products / Services

Products / Services

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OptiFlex™ Hybrid Cables — Configured to your site requirements. Fiber Optic and DC Power Cable. Can be deployed in lengths up to 500 feet with less than 10% voltage drop, based on 950 watt.
OptiFlex™ hybrid cable with OHC connectors offer efficient and reliable solutions for FTTA applications. The OHC plug can connect directly to the RRH with the bulkhead receptacle or connect to another hybrid cable with cable receptacle.
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DC Power Cables — Outdoor DC Power Cables Cables Unlimited
Rel-Tech Electronics
RF Cable Assembly
RET Cables — Remote Electrical Tilt Application. Compatible with Andrew, Kathrein, Huawei, RFS and other brands, AISG Male to Female
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RF Cable Assembly
Fiber Trunk Cables Cables Unlimited
Network/Data Cables — Cat 5 and Cat 6 Cables Cables Unlimited
Power Cables — Manufactures and markets a wide spectrum of power cords and power harnesses for computers, peripherals, data communications, networking equipment and power supplies Cables Unlimited



RF Cable Assembly

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Cables Unlimited Solutions

Cables Unlimited Solutions
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  • Fiber Optic, Copper & Data Cable Installations
  • Military, MIL-SPEC & Aerospace Cables
  • Fiber Optic Patch, Trunks, MTP® Connector Cables
  • Power, Coax, Wire Harnesses, Networking & Control Cables
  • Hybrid Cables & Wireless Tower Solutions

OptiFlex™ Hybrid Custom Cable for Tall Towers

OptiFlex™ Hybrid Cable Assembly

OptiFlex™ Hybrid Connectors

2 Conductor Shielded Outdoor DC Power Cable

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