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Fiber Optic

Assembles and markets a wide range of high quality fiber optic patch cables: single-mode, multimode and specialty fibers. Fiber Optic cables at Corning Gold Standard.

Products / Services

Products / Services

Product Division
Corning Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Cables Unlimited - Corning Gold Program
C Enterprises - Corning Gold Program
Cables Unlimited C Enterprises
Fiber Optic Patch Cable Assemblies
Cables Unlimited - Patch Cables
C Enterprises - Patch Cables
Cables Unlimited C Enterprises
Custom Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
Cables Unlmited - Custom Fiber Optic Assemblies
C Enterprises - Custom Fiber Optic Assembiles
Cables Unlimited C Enterprises
Fiber Optic Trunk Cable Assemblies —Standard and Custom for Wireless Infrastructure Applications
Cables Unlimited C Enterprises
MTP Cable Assemblies—High Density single-mode and multimode MTP assemblies, simplex and duplex. Also provide UPC MTP assemblies and APC MTP cables Cables Unlimited C Enterprises
Multifiber Indoor/Outdoor Cable Assemblies C Enterprises
Bulk Fiber Optic & Copper Cable Cables Unlimited C Enterprises



Cables Unlimited

Address: 3 Old Dock Road,
Yaphank, NY 11980
Phone: (631) 563-6363
Toll free: (800) 590-9965
Fax: (631) 563-2393

C Enterprises

Address: 2445 Cades Way,
Vista, CA 92081
Phone: (760) 599-5111
Toll free: (800) 334-3815
Fax: (760) 599-5120

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Technical Note: Fiber Optic Cable Types – Multimode and Single Mode

Fiber Optic connectors and cables are present in nearly every communications project that we might sell into, be it a DAS installation or a Base Station with wireless backhaul, you can be certain that fiber jumpers and cabling are being used somewhere in that network. Having a general understanding of fiber optics and the different fiber and connector types that are available will allow you to have a more productive conversation with your customer...

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