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hybrid cables in tower
Article Wireless Service Provider Reduces Cable Footprint and Installation Times

When a major U.S. Wireless service provider needed to upgrade their network they looked to RF Industries to design and engineer a solution that would not only reduce wind loads and the cable footprint on the tower but would also reduce the installation time for their field technicians...

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N and 4.3-10 Wilkinson power splitters
New Product Wilkinson Style Power Splitters Complement Reactive Power Splitters for DAS Applicaitons

Splitters are available in 2 types: reactive and resistive (Wilkinson type). Wilkinson type power splitters are more compact and offer better isolation between ports. Reactive power splitters offer a higher power rating...

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Fiber Optic Cables Types
Article Sales Note: Fiber Optic Cable Types – Multimode and Single Mode

Having a general understanding of fiber optics and the different fiber and connector types that are available will allow you to have a more productive conversation with your customer...

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farmer with cow
Article RF Connectors for DAS

Throughout any Distributed Antenna System (DAS) there are a variety of RF connectors used to join the cabling to the component interface. While many of the common connector types will work in a DAS environment, some are better suited than others when it comes to reducing interference...

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