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Wire Harnesses/Multi-Conductor/RET Cables

                                                                                   RF Industries offers complete
                                                                                   high-tech, high-quality cable and
                                                                                   harness design and fabrication
                                                                                   services to meet the demanding
                                                                                   needs of today’s electronic

        Multi-Conductor/Ribbon Cable          Wire Harnesses                       RET Control Cables
        Design and manufacture of multi-      Design and manufacture of complex    Remote Electrical Tilt Application.
        conductor, multi-pin assemblies       or simple assemblies built to customer   Compatible with Andrew, Kathrein,
        including circular, rectangle and other   requirements. Various sizes of wire,   Huawei, RFS and other brands, AISG
        connectors as required.               solder and crimp type terminals and   Male to Female.
                                              pins, along with various electrical
                                              components configured as required.

                                             (800) 233-1728             9
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