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Cable Assemblies OptiFlex™ Hybrid/Composite

        Single cable solution combining multiple fiber and copper wires are
        built to customer specific requirements. Wires may include fiber, power,
        coax or Ethernet cables with a braided or foil outer shield combined in a
        single flexible cable with breakouts, terminations and weatherproofing.

        Tall Tower Solutions                  Baseband/Head in Solution            Hybrid Connector System
        Custom configuration of power         Custom single cable multiple fiber   OptiFlex™ hybrid cable with OHC
        and fiber to power multiple radio     configurations with factory terminated   connectors offer efficient and reliable
        heads over 250 feet with a single     breakouts.                           solutions for FTTA applications. The
        flexible cable that fits industry                                          OHC plug can connect directly to the
        standard mounting hardware. Factory                                        RRH with the bulkhead receptacle or
        terminated and weatherproofed                                              connect to another hybrid cable with
        breakouts for easy site installation.                                      cable receptacle.

        *OptiFlex is a registered trademark of RF Industries.
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