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Cable Assemblies Fiber Optic

        Weatherproof Solutions                Connectors                            Custom Cable Assemblies
        Cable assemblies for harsh            Stock inventory of Senko and AFOP     Fiber optic patch cables for specialty
        environment applications with         fiber optic connectors for field or   applications with the required fiber
        exceptional strength and weather      factory installation.                 length, cable style and polish.
        resistant capabilities.

        Rodent and Bird Proof Cables          Bulk Fiber Optic Cable                Corning Gold
        Rodent and bird proof cable           Stock inventory of, Hitachi, OCC,     Cables Unlimited and Comnet Telcom
        assemblies using specialty materials   OFS,  Sumitomo, Connectivity,        Supply are both part of an elite group
        for outdoor, indoor, underground and   OCC, Leviton, Siemon,and RF          of cable assembly houses (CAHs) that
        remote locations.                     Industries brand fiber optic cable    meet the high standards for eligibility
                                              available on reels.                   in the Corning Cable Systems CAH
                                                                                    Connections  Gold Program for optical
                                                                                    patch cord manufacturers.

        *CAH Connections is a service mark of Corning Cable Systems LLC.

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