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Cable Assemblies Fiber Optic

         The Corning Cable Systems CAH Connections
         Gold Program represents the highest standard of
         manufacturers of optical patch cables. The Cables
         Unlimited and Comnet Telecom Supply divisions of
         RF Industries are part of the elite group of Corning
         Cable Assembly Houses (CAHs) that meet the high
         production and quality standards required to be
         eligible for this program. They have demonstrated
         manufacturing and business excellence over a
         period of many years. Every fiber assembly meets
         or exceeds industry standards. All connectors are
         individually tested for back-reflection, return loss
         and polished to a minimum finish of UPC.

        Fiber Patch Cables                    Fiber Trunk Cables                   MTP  ®
        Single mode SMF-28e, single           Multi-strand cables with custom      Corning fiber assemblies using Multi-
        mode “Bend-Max” bend insensitive      fiber count, length and break        fiber Termination Push-on MTP
        fiber. Multi-mode: 62.5um, 50um,      outs. Connector terminations: LC     connectors designed by US Conec.
        50uym 10-Gig (Aqua). Connector        connectors, LC APC, SC, ST, FC,      This compact design allows high-
        terminations: SC, ST, FC, LC, SCAPC,   SCAPC and FCACP.                    density connections between network
        FCACP and OM4 multimode.                                                   equipment where space is an issue.

        *MTP is a registered trademark of US Conec Ltd.
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