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Cable Assemblies RF Coaxial

        RG-U/Low Loss/                        Corrugated                            Semi-Rigid
        High Performance                      Assemblies manufactured with RF       Custom and standard assemblies
        Assemblies manufactured with          Industries brands or industry brand of   using copper, aluminum or hand
        commercial, mil-spec and low loss/    ¼ inch and ½ corrugated flexible and   formable cable with and without
        high performance cables terminated    super-flexible cables and connectors.   jackets. Terminated with a variety
        with a wide variety of connectors.                                          of connectors.

        Ruggedized                            Micro                                 Bulk RF Coax Cable
        Assemblies for harsh environment      Small diameter jumper cables with     Industry rated and RF Industries
        applications using Comp Pro           ultra-low profile micro connectors. 50   branded equivalents to high
        Compression connectors with           ohms impedance and performance        performance low loss cable available
        exceptional strength and weather      up to 6 GHz. The MHF series is        on reels.
        proof capabilities.                   compatible with the U.FL interface.

        *Comp Pro is a registered trademark of RF Industries.
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