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Cable Assemblies RF Coaxial

        RF Industries brings a wealth of experience
        in connector design and manufacturing
        to RF cable assemblies. Assemblies are
        manufactured with a wide variety of cables
        and terminated with RF Industries or other
        brands of connectors. A large inventory of
        bulk cable and connectors provides for fast
        delivery. Performance testing is available up to
        40 GHz. Assemblies are available in standard
        and custom lengths/configurations.

        Low PIM                               Low PIM Plenum Rated                 Plenum Rated
        ½ and ¼ inch corrugated, flat braid   ¼ inch corrugated, flat braid cables   Assemblies with plenum rated cable
        and conformable semi-rigid cables,    terminated with1.0-2.3, 4.1-9.5      that meets fire codes for in-building
        terminated with N, 7-16 DIN, 4.1-     (Mini DIN), 4.3-10, 7-16 DIN, N,     applications. Connector terminations
        9.5 (Mini) DIN, QMA, 4.3-10 or SMA    NEX 10 , QMA or SMA connectors.      include but are not limited to: SMA,
        connectors. 100% PIM tested, with     Manufactured with plenum rated       N, QMA, 7-16 DIN, 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN,
        results available on-line through     cables that meet fire codes for in-  4.3-10.
        PIM Tracker™.                         building applications. 100% PIM
                                              tested, with results available on-line
                                              through PIM Tracker™.

        *PIM Tracker is a trademark of RF Industries. NEX 10 is a trademark of Radiall.

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