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Data Center Solutions

        Fiber Optic Cabling                   Data Cables                          Cable Trays
        Fiber Optic Patch Cords and Multi-    Custom and standard Category patch   Custom and standard cable
        Strand Assemblies                     cords of various types, shielding,   management solutions for floor,
        Single-mode SMF-28e                   lengths, colors and labeling. Cat    ceiling, wall or the tops of racks
        Single-mode “Bend-Max” Bend           5e/Cat6/Cat6e and Serial RS-232      and cabinets. Create safe runs with
        Insensitive Fiber Multi-mode 62.5um,   available. Preterminated optical fiber   great density.
        50um, 10-Gig (Aqua), 40-Gig OM4       and copper cabling solutions are
        Multi-Strand Assemblies Connectors:   designed for rapid deployment.
        SC, ST, FC, LC, LCAPC, SCAPC,
        FCACP, MTP

        Hot/Cold Aisle Containment            Power Distribution Solutions         Filler Panels
        Custom and standard high efficiency   Robust and efficient power           Fully adjustable to separate hot /
        temperature control solutions for data   management architecture for data   cold air mixture to achieve cabinet
        centers.                              center requirements.                 temperature control.

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