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RF Connectors/Adapter/Components

        Comp Pro  Compression                 Low PIM Adapter Kits                 Adapter Kits
        Connectors                            Combinations of the most popular     Every commonly used coax adapter is
        Designed for easy field installation,   adapters in padded zippered cases.   packaged in one or more kits. Some
        reliable performance and weatherproof   Interfaces include 1.0-2.3, 4.1-9.5   kits are application specific, but most
        operation they are ideal for harsh    (Mini DIN), 4.3-10, 7-16 DIN, N,     offer a broad selection of interfaces
        environment applications. Patented    QMA and SMA                          and body styles. All kits feature
        compression technology seals out                                           diecut foam inserts for secure storage
        moisture, dust and air and provides                                        with easy access, whether standard,
        the highest pull strength in the                                           custom or private label.
        industry. Available in N, 7-16 DIN
        and TNC.

        Unidapt™ Universal Adapter            Installation Tools/Kits              Splitters/Couplers/Loads
        Create any adapter by assembling 2    Kits are for preparation, termination   Low PIM, low VSWR components
        of 28 connector interfaces with the   and testing of connectors and cable    with frequency bands for commercial
        universal adapter. Available in a variety   assemblies. Both commercial and   cellular and public safety DAS
        of kits with Unidapt™ cables and      professional grade tools make        applications. IP67 rated devices.
        accessories. Unicables™ combined with   connector installation repeatable
        Unidapt™ adapters deliver scores of   and efficient.
        cable assembly options.

        * Unidapt and Unicables are a trademark of RF Industries. Comp Pro is a registered trademark of RF Industries.
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