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RF Connectors/Adapter/Components

        RF Industries has designed and manufactured RF Connectors and adapters
        for nearly 40 years with a reputation of quickly delivering high quality,
        standard and custom solutions.

        Connectors                            Adapters                             Low PIM Adapters/
        Crimp and solder clamp attachment     Inner series and intra series adapters   Connectors
        onto hundreds of styles and brands of   for most connector interfaces with   Interfaces include 1.0-2.3, 4.1-9.5 (Mini
        coax cable. PCB, panel and bulkhead   straight, right-angle and bulkhead   DIN), 4.3-10, 7-16 DIN, N, NEX 10 ,
        mount. Interfaces include 1.0-2.3     mount body styles.                   QMA, QN and SMA. Inner series and
        2.9mm, 3.5mm, 7-16 DIN, 4.1-9.5                                            intra series adapters. Solder attachment
        (Mini) DIN, 4.3-10, BNC, F, FME,                                           connectors for all popular low PIM
        MCX, MMCX, MHV, N, QMA, QN,RCA,                                            cables are available in straight, right-
        SMA, SMB, SMZ, Mini-SMB, SSMB,                                             angle and bulkhead mount body styles .
        TNC, UHF, Mini-UHF and Wi-Fi /
        Broadband reverse polarity.
        *NEX 10 is a trademark of Radiall.

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