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OptiFlex™ Cable is a hybrid power and communications cable built to customer specific requirements. It is a flexible, pre-terminated cable comprised of multiple fiber and power cables with a copper tape outer conductor to serve as a ground, under one jacket. Coaxial and Ethernet cables are also available for bundling. This is a perfect solution for public and private network operators updating their networks to 4G technologies WiMAX, LTE, etc. The OptiFlex™ Cable connects both DC power and RF signal from the remote radio unit (RRU) at top of tower and the baseband unit (BBU) in the shelter. Using OptiFlex™ it eliminates the need for tower hardware and uses(RRU) at top of tower and the baseband unit (BBU) in the shelter.

OptiFlex™ fiber optics are all terminated fiber by Corning certified technicians, maximizing system performance by minimizing errors caused by field terminations. Simply climb, attached and connect.—you're done! Cuts install time tremendously.

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Just as Cables Unlimited has the ability to provide fully integrated custom rack and stack data centers, we can also pre-wire and terminate the hybrid cables now being used in 4G, WiMAX, LTE type deployments. Whether it is coax power, Ethernet, fiber optics or a combination of all four cables being used, Cables Unlimited can integrate your requirements into a single enclosure, all ready to be mounted onto the site to speed up installation time.

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Cables Unlimited division is a high quality interconnect cable and wire harness manufacturer serving OEM customers. The Cables Unlimited team will carefully analyze your technical and budget requirements to design the most suitable cabling solutions that can be delivered within you budget, quantity and time constraints. If you are in the design stages of a project, CUI can provide engineering assistance and prototyping. If you have already determined specifications and components, we can be your single source suppliers. Our engineering support begins from the moment of you inquiry and continues long after your product has been delivered.

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