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Cable Assemblies
        Low PIM RF Coax                                                                   100% PIM Tested to Assure Performance

        1/4 inch Super Flexible Times Microwave SPO™-250 Cable
        Low Loss, Low PIM Coaxial Cables
        •    IM3 4.3-10 (only):≤-160dBc@ 700MHz & 1900Mhz • Super flexible for ease of installation
           IM3 (all others): ≤-155dBc@ 700MHz & 1900Mhz                                     Custom Lengths Available
                                             •  Durable black polyethelene outer
        •  Corrugated copper outer conductor providing    jacket suitable for outdoor use  XX = custom length in inches
          greater than 100dB shielding                                                 Contact sales about custom lengths
        • Cable assemblies are 100% PIM tested
                             Cable Images for illustration purposes  Part Number and Cable Length  Connector End
                                              39 inches (1 meter)  78 inches (2 meters)   Connector 1  Connector 2
                        4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male  P2RFC-2316-39  P2RFC-2316-78  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male
                                              P2RFC-2376-39  P2RFC-2376-78  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male  N Female
                                              P2RFC-2370-39  P2RFC-2370-78  4.3-10 Male        4.3-10 Male
                                              P2RFC-2372-39  P2RFC-2372-78  4.3-10 Male        4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male
                        4.3-10 Male           P2RFC-2373-39  P2RFC-2373-78  4.3-10 Male        N Female
                                              P2RFC-2374-39  P2RFC-2374-78  4.3-10 Male        N Male
                                              P2RFC-2371-39  P2RFC-2371-78  4.3-10 Male        N Male Right Angle
                                              P2RFC-2375-39  P2RFC-2375-78  4.3-10 Male        7-16 DIN Male Right Angle
                                              P2RFC-2317-39  P2RFC-2317-78  7-16 DIN Male      4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male
                        7-16 DIN Male
                                              P2RFC-2314-39  P2RFC-2314-78  7-16 DIN Male      7-16 DIN Male
                                              P2RFC-2313-39  P2RFC-2313-78  7-16 DIN Male      N Male
                                              P2RFC-2291-39  P2RFC-2291-78  7-16 DIN Male Right Angle  N Male
                                              P2RFC-2319-39  P2RFC-2319-78  7-16 DIN Male Right Angle  7-16 DIN Male
                        7-16 DIN Male Right Angle
                                              P2RFC-2312-39  P2RFC-2312-78  N Male             N Male
                                              P2RFC-2313-39  P2RFC-2313-78  N Male             7-16 DIN Male
                                              P2RFC-2315-39  P2RFC-2315-78  N Male             4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male
                                              P2RFC-2318-39  P2RFC-2318-78  N Male             N Female
                        N Female
                                              P2RFC-2339-39  P2RFC-2339-78  N Male             N Male Right Angle
                                              P2RFC-2320-39  P2RFC-2320-78  N Female           7-16 DIN Male
                                              P2RFC-2345-39  P2RFC-2345-78  QMA Male           QMA Male
                        N Male
                                              P2RFC-2347-39  P2RFC-2347-78  QMA Male           7-16 DIN Male
                                              P2RFC-2348-39  P2RFC-2348-78  QMA Male           N Male
                                              P2RFC-2346-39  P2RFC-2346-78  QMA Male           N Male Right Angle
                        QMA Male
                                              P2RFC-2369-39  P2RFC-2369-78  QMA Male           4.3-10 Male
                                              P2RFC-2377-39  P2RFC-2377-78  QMA Male           4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male

     See page 19 for more information on Connectors

                    *Specifications subject to change without notice. SPP-250  is a trademark of Times Microwave Systems. PIM Tracker is a trademark of RF Industries
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