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Cable Assemblies
                                                                   Low PIM Plenum Rated
         100% PIM Tested to Assure Performance

        1/4 inch Super Flexible Times Microwave SPP™-250-LLPL Plenum Cable
        Low Loss, Low PIM Plenum Rated Coaxial Cables
        •     IM3 4.3-10 (only):≤-160dBc@ 700MHz & 1900Mhz •  UL910 plenum rated, satisfying building code
           IM3 (all others): ≤-155dBc@ 700MHz & 1900Mhz  requirements                      Custom Lengths Available
        • 3rd Intermodulation Test: Two +43dBm Tones  • Cable assemblies are 100% PIM tested  XX = custom length in inches
                                                                                      Contact sales about custom lengths
        •  Corrugated copper outer conductor providing greater  • Low passive intermodulation distortion (PIM)
          than 100dB RF Shielding
                                             • Highly flexible for ease of installation
        • Operating frequency: up to 6 GHz                                    Connectors for SPP-250-LLPL™Cable Available Separately
        Part Number and Cable Length  Connector End                              Cable Images for illustration purposes
        39 inches (1 meter)  78 inches (2 meters)  Connector 1  Connector 2
                                                                                 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Female
        P2RFC-2076-39  P2RFC-2076-78  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male
        P2RFC-2308-39  P2RFC-2308-78  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Female
        P2RFC-2337-39  P2RFC-2337-78  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male  4.3-10 Male
        P2RFC-2218-39  P2RFC-2218-78  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male  N Female
                                                                                 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male
        P2RFC-2269-39  P2RFC-2269-78  4.3-10 Male          4.3-10 Male
        P2RFC-2329-39  P2RFC-2329-78  4.3-10 Male          7-16 DIN Male
        P2RFC-2302-39  P2RFC-2302-78  4.3-10 Male          N Female
        P2RFC-2328-39  P2RFC-2328-78  4.3-10 Male          N Male                4.3-10 Male
        P2RFC-2378-39  P2RFC-2378-78  4.3-10 Male          N Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2379-39  P2RFC-2379-78  4.3-10 Male          7-16 DIN Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2074-39  P2RFC-2074-78  7-16 DIN Male        7-16 DIN Male
        P2RFC-2077-39  P2RFC-2077-78  7-16 DIN Male        4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male  7-16 DIN Male
        P2RFC-2335-39  P2RFC-2335-78  7-16 DIN Male        N Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2287-39  P2RFC-2287-78  7-16 DIN Male        SMA Male
        P2RFC-2267-39  P2RFC-2267-78  7-16 DIN Male Right Angle  7-16 DIN Male
        P2RFC-2266-39  P2RFC-2266-78  7-16 DIN Male Right Angle  N Male
                                                                                 7-16 DIN Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2072-39  P2RFC-2072-78  N Male               N Male
        P2RFC-2075-39  P2RFC-2075-78  N Male               4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male
        P2RFC-2073-39  P2RFC-2073-78  N Male               7-16 DIN Male
        P2RFC-2184-39  P2RFC-2184-78  N Male               N Female              N Female
        P2RFC-2244-39  P2RFC-2244-78  N Male               SMA Male
        P2RFC-2264-39  P2RFC-2264-78  N Male Right Angle   N Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2265-39  P2RFC-2265-78  N Male Right Angle   N Male
                                                                                 N Male
        P2RFC-2196-39  P2RFC-2196-78  N Female             7-16 DIN Male
        P2RFC-2238-39  P2RFC-2238-78  N Female             N Female
        P2RFC-2349-39  P2RFC-2349-78  QMA Male             N Male Right Angle
                                                                                 N Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2350-39  P2RFC-2350-78  QMA Male             QMA Male
        P2RFC-2351-39  P2RFC-2351-78  QMA Male             QMA Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2352-39  P2RFC-2352-78  QMA Male             7-16 DIN Male
                                                                                 QMA Male
        P2RFC-2353-39  P2RFC-2353-78  QMA Male             N Male
        P2RFC-2354-39  P2RFC-2354-78  QMA Male             SMA Male
        P2RFC-2355-39  P2RFC-2355-78  QMA Male             SMA Male Right Angle  QMA Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2356-39  P2RFC-2356-78  QMA Male             N Female
        P2RFC-2357-39  P2RFC-2357-78  QMA Male             4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Male
        P2RFC-2358-39  P2RFC-2358-78  QMA Male             4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Female  SMA Male
        P2RFC-2359-39  P2RFC-2359-78  QMA Male             4.3-10 Male
        P2RFC-2360-39  P2RFC-2360-78  QMA Male             7-16 DIN Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2285-39  P2RFC-2285-78  SMA Male             N Female              SMA Male Right Angle
        P2RFC-2254-39  P2RFC-2254-78  SMA Male             SMA Male

                                                                                 See page 18 for more information on Connectors
                   *Specifications subject to change without notice. SPP-250-LLPL is a trademark of Times Microwave Systems. PIM Tracker is a trademark of RF Industries
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