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        Low PIM Connectors

        Low PIM Connectors for Low PIM Plenum Cables

        • Low PIM: ≤ -155dBc                 • Low  VSWR: ≤ 1.10:1 up to 3 GHz     • RoHS compliant
        •   Operating frequency: up to 6 GHz  • Most assemblies come with shrink tubbing
        RF Connectors for Times Microwave TFT-402-LF™ Cable       RF Connectors for Times Microwave SPP-250-LLPL™ Cable
        See Page 2 for Cable Assemblies                           See Page 3 for Cable Assemblies
                    Part Number   Connector    Cable
                                                                               Part Number  Connector  Cable
                    RF123-7003-4SR2  1.0-2.3 Male  TFT-402-LF™
                                                                              RFD-4195F-HPL  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN  SPP-250-LLPL™
                    RFD-4195F-SR2  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN   TFT-402-LF™
                                                                              RFD-4195-HPL  4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN  SPP-250-LLPL™
                    RFD-4195-SR2FL  4.1-9.5  (Mini) DIN  TFT-402-LF™                      Male

                                                                              RFD-43F-HPL  4.3-10 Female  SPP-250-LLPL™
                    RFD-43F-SR2   4.3-10 Female  TFT-402-LF™

                    RFD-43MS-SR2  4.3-10 Male   TFT-402-LF™                   RFD-43MS-HPL  4.3-10 Male  SPP-250-LLPL™

                    RFD-43MRA-SR2  4.3-10 Male Right   TFT-402-LF™            RFD-43MRA-HPL 4.3-10 Male Right  SPP-250-LLPL™
                                  Angle                                                   Angle

                    RFD-1625-SR2  7-16 DIN Female  TFT-402-LF™
                                                                              RFD-1625-HPL  7-16 DIN Female  SPP-250-LLPL™

                    RFD-1601-SR2   7-16 DIN Male  TFT-402-LF™
                                                                              RFD-1601-HPL  7-16 DIN Male  SPP-250-LLPL™

                    RFD-1610-SR2  7-16 DIN Male   TFT-402-LF™                 RFD-1610-HPL  7-16 DIN Male   SPP-250-LLPL™
                                  Right Angle
                                                                                          Right Angle

                    RFN-1027-SR2  N Female     TFT-402-LF™
                                                                              RFN-1027-HPL  N Female   SPP-250-LLPL™

                    RFN-1002-SR2FL   N Male    TFT-402-LF™
                                                                              RFN-1002-HPL  N Male     SPP-250-LLPL™

                    RFN-1009-SR2LP  N Male     TFT-402-LF™
                                  Right Angle                                 RFN-1009-HPL  N Male     SPP-250-LLPL™
                                                                                          Right Angle

                    RQA-5000-SR2LP  QMA Male   TFT-402-LF™
                                                                              RQA-5000-HPL  QMA Male   SPP-250-LLPL™
                    RQA-5010-SR2LP  QMA Male    TFT-402-LF™
                                  Right Angle
                                                                              RQA-5010-HPL  QMA Male Right   SPP-250-LLPL™
                    RQN-1300-SR2  QN Male      TFT-402-LF™
                                                                              RSA-3500-HPL  SMA Male   SPP-250-LLPL™
                    RSA-3500-SR2LP  SMA Male   TFT-402-LF™
                    RSA-3510-SR2LP  SMA Male    TFT-402-LF™
                                  Right Angle
        NOTE: Due to the precise nature of the soldering of the inner and outer conductors to achieve low PIM specifications, RF Industries cannot guarantee PIM performance on the finished assemblies when connectors
        are field installed. If you need guaranteed PIM performance, we strongly recommend factory installed assemblies made to your specifications.
                                   *Specifications subject to change without notice. LMR is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems.
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