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Cable Assemblies

        OptiFlex™ Hybrid Connector System (OHCS)
        Fiber optic (MPO/MU) and copper connectors
        • All in one Power and Optical Solutions  •  Designed for all standard MPO or MU contacts  •  Long Outdoor Life— UV-resistant— Corrosion free
        • Quick locking                      •  High power and voltage drop management  •  IP68/69
        •  Secure Mating—High strength cable retention   •   Designed for copper conductors from AWG16 to   Factory Terminated cable assemblies available
          system                              AWG8

             Contact type       Connector type     Backshell                   Connector Part number
                                                               Male insert with male crimp contact Female insert with female crimp contact
         OHCS Hybrid MPO Series  Free hanging receptacle  Cable gland  OHCS1JC20HYBMPN               -
                            Jam nut receptacle   Without           OHCS720HYBMPN                     -
                            Plug                 Cable gland              -                  OHCS6JC20HYBMPN
         OHCS Hybrid MU Series  Free hanging receptacle  Cable gland  OHCS1JC20HYBMUN                -
                            Jam nut receptacle   Without           OHCS720HYBMUN                     -
                            Plug                 Cable gland              -                  OHCS6JC20HYBMUN

        Hybrid Custom Cable Solutions
        • Fiber optic and DC power cables    •  Flexible copper tape shield serves as grounding   •  Heat, moisture and UV resistant PVC outer jacket
                                              function                             with direct burial capability
        •  Factory terminated fiber by Corning certified
          technicians maximizes system performance  •  Can be deployed in lengths up to 550’ with   •  Weatherized from end to end, insuring optimal
                                              less than 10% voltage drop, based on 950 watt   performance in rugged environments
                                              radios. (May vary with custom configurations.)

                                                               Custom Configurations
        Standard Configurations
        For reference only. Contact Cables Unlimited for breakout and termination options.  Complete checklist below and contact Cables Unlimited.
                                                                                Variable                   Options
                      Description              Part Number      Number of fibers                        6 to 48
         6 conductor 10 AWG, 2 conductor 8 AWG, 18 strand   6A2B18SMLCXXXFT  Single-mode or Multi-mode  SM or MM
         single-mode (SM) fiber with LC connectors.             AWG of wire conductors (power cables)   2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
                                                                Number of conductors (power cables)     2, 3, 4, 6, 8
         2 conductor 10 AWG, 2 conductor 8 AWG, 2 conductor   2A2B2C6MMSCXXXFT  Total length in feet
         6 AWG, 6 strand multi-mode (MM) fiber with LC          Breakout and Terminations – Side A (Tower Top)
                                                                Number of Remote Radio Heads
         4 conductor 10 AWG, 4 conductor 8 AWG, 12 strand   4A4B12SMLCXXXFT  Length in feet
         single-mode (SM) fiber with LC connectors.
                                                                Fiber connector terminations            LC or SC
         2 conductor 8 AWG, 2 conductor 6 AWG, 6 strand multi-  2A4C06MMLCXXXFT  Power conductor terminations
         mode (MM) fiber with LC connectors.                    Breakout and Terminations – Side B (Bottom/Equipment)
                                                                Length in feet
                                         Note: XXX indicates length in feet  Fiber connector terminations  LC or SC
                                                                Power conductor terminations
                                     *Specifications subject to change without notice. OptiFlex is a trademark of RF Industries
                                             800.233.1728               11
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