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                                                      7610 Miramar Road
                                                  San Diego, California 92126

                                             WILL BE HELD ON SEPTEMBER 8, 2017

               An Annual Meeting of Stockholders of RF Industries, Ltd., a Nevada corporation (the “Company”), will be held at the
            offices of TroyGould PC, 1801 Century Park East, 16th Floor, Los Angeles, California, 90067 on Friday, September 8, 2017, at
            10:00 a.m., for the following purposes:

               1.  To elect two members of the Company’s Board of Directors to serve until the 2020 Annual Meeting of Stockholders.

               2.  To amend the Company’s 2010 Stock Incentive Plan to increase the number of shares of common stock available for
            issuance under the plan by1,000,000 shares from 2,000,000 shares to 3,000,000 shares.

               3.  To conduct an advisory vote on the compensation of the Company’s named executive officers as disclosed in this
            proxy statement.
               4.  To ratify the selection of CohnReznick LLP as the Company’s independent registered public accounting firm for the
            fiscal year ending October 31, 2017.

               5.  To transact such other business as may properly come before the Annual Meeting of Stockholders or any adjourn-
            ment thereof.

               The Board of Directors has fixed the close of business on July 10, 2017 as the record date for determination of stock-
            holders entitled to notice of and to vote at the Annual Meeting of Stockholders or any adjournment thereof.

               We are pleased to take advantage of Securities and Exchange Commission rules that allow companies to furnish their
            proxy materials over the Internet. We are mailing to many of our stockholders a Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy
            Materials instead of a paper copy of our proxy materials and our 2016 Annual Report on Form 10-K. The Notice contains
            instructions on how to access those documents and to cast your vote via the Internet. The Notice also contains instructions
            on how to request a paper copy of our proxy materials and our 2016 Annual Report on Form 10-K. All stockholders who do
            not receive a Notice will receive a paper copy of the proxy materials and the Annual Report by mail. This process allows us to
            provide our stockholders with the information they need on a more timely basis, while reducing the environmental impact
            and lowering the costs of printing and distributing our proxy materials.

               Whether or not you plan to attend, it is important that your shares be represented and voted at the meeting. I urge
            you, therefore, to return a signed proxy card or vote by telephone or over the Internet so that you can be sure your votes are
            properly counted, even if you plan to attend the meeting. Information about voting procedures can be found in the proxy
               I hope you will join us.

                                                   By Order of the Board of Directors,

                                                   Robert Dawson
                                                   President and Chief Executive Officer

               San Diego, California
               July 27, 2017

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